5 Home Improvement Projects That Boost Property Value

If your home has seen better days and you have decided that now is the time to do something about it, there are many home improvement projects you can choose. While some renovations or additions do not put much value on the property, there are others that will see the price of your home soar.

Here are 4 home improvement projects to add significant value to any property.

  1. Build an extension – A custom built house (called แบบบ้านสร้างเอง in Thai) with added living space is the best way to increase the value of your investment. Whether a single or two storey extension, building on the existing structure to extend rooms will not only give you extra living space, it adds to the value of the property, making it a worthwhile investment.
  2. Swimming Pool – Of course, the ultimate in luxury living, a swimming pool would certainly see your home’s value rocket. Either tiles concrete or fibreglass, an in-ground swimming pool is quite an investment, yet it will pay big dividends should you ever decide to sell up and relocate.
  3. Loft Conversion – Another great way to add living space is to convert the loft into a bedroom, study centre, or even a home office. This would cost much less than a traditional bricks and mortar extension, as the structure is already in place. A little cladding on the interior, some wallpaper and a coat of paint will see you ready to occupy your new living space.
  4. New Kitchen – A premier fitted kitchen would be a considerable investment and one that would set your property apart from the rest. Bosch appliances and marble worktops with matching splashbacks, with a nice breakfast island and a stainless-steel hood and you have the perfect kitchen.
  5. New Slate Roof – If the roof joists and rafters are in good condition, you could replace those worn roof tiles with a set of slate tiles, which will transform the property. This would be a lot cheaper than a completely new roof; talk to a local roofing contractor, one who has extensive working experience with slate. The contractor can show you a wide range of slate finishes and when you find the perfect design, the roofer can quote for the project.

Of course, every home improvement can be viewed as an investment, which makes your living space more comfortable and when you decide to sell, you will see a return on your home improvement investment.

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