Adding Black Steel Doors to Your Houston Home in Unexpected Places

Black steel doors for Houston homes are a trend for 2021 that you should be looking out for! They offer a contemporary edge to interiors and are so versatile that they fit in anywhere in a house.

Let’s take a look at all the different places you can add steel doors to Houston interiors flawlessly.

Room Divider & Steel Door Combo

One of the best ways to incorporate steel doors in Houston homes is to break down that open floor plan a little. Some room segmentation with a set of minimal steel room dividers attached to steel doors is a seamless way to get this done. Start by taking a look at how you utilize your current living space.

If one end of your living room has a TV and the other has a bookshelf, you have an opportunity to create dedicated spaces here. One end of the room will become the space where you and your family watch television, while the other can become a space where people can ready and study.

Add room dividers and steel entry doors to Houston homes for some expert functional changes!

Side Entrance Dutch Doors

Many homes in Houston front doors are actually situated to the side and some homes in the city even have side entrances in addition to the main entryway. Dutch doors are the perfect type of steel entry door for Houston home side entryways. These rustic, charming doors embody that classic Texan rural style.

Dutch steel doors add a twist to that rustic appearance by making them appear more modern — which is the perfect combination for an urban Houston home. Dutch doors are an elegant addition in every way, whether you like them for functionality’s sake or simply love the appearance they give to your doorways.

French Doors for Bedrooms

Have you ever wanted to feel like French royalty? Personalize your bedroom with a luxurious pair of French steel doors that will make you feel like a noblewoman in the 19th century striding into her boudoir after a ball! French steel doors will not only look elegant but will provide you easy utility too!

French steel doors in black are a definite go-to, especially if you have the choice to have glass panes in custom textures added to them. Frosted or ribbed glass panes will protect your privacy, so that you don’t have to think twice about adding French steel doors to Houston homes’ bedrooms.

Closet Double Doors

Closets have doors, even though we rarely tend to think of them as doors that need to be replaced or upgraded. One way to really add to the design value of your home is to change up those tired-looking closet doors. Add a set of flat or arched steel doors to Houston closet spaces for that extra oomph.

This gives you the perfect chance to display your clothes better and get your cupboard organized. Giving yourself some extravagant steel doors for your closet will make you feel just that much more positive about your day — try it and see!

Wine Cellar Steel Doors

Wine cellars aren’t always a common feature found in homes, but this small addition can make all the difference when you’re looking for a way to add some class to your bare bones house. Wine cellars add panache to your interior, making you appear like someone with refined taste.

A set of wine cellar doors that have pristine glass panes are ideal for showing off your collection of wines, no matter how small it is! We also recommend dressing up your wine cellar with some decorative corkscrews and wine glass sets for more substance, making it a dedicated wine corner.

Passageway Barn Doors

There’s not a lot that you can change up with passage doors, but one unique recommendation is to add barn doors to spruce up your home’s interior. Passage barn steel doors save on space too since they just slide in and out of place via a railing installed above the doorway.

Barn steel doors for Houston interiors are a perfect match given that these doors are efficient, offer seamless movement, and give you a modern look for your home. Make sure you accentuate them with some rustic décor in your passageways too!

Fully Arched Back Doors

Back doors aren’t really a topic of conversation when it comes to interior design, but the right wrought iron or steel entry door can change that. Intricately designed and detailed steel entry doors are ideal for connecting your backyard to your interior. All you need is a reliable and high-quality steel door provider like Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Their online store has plenty of interior steel doors and steel entry doors for Houston clients for you to choose from. Don’t waste another second to start transforming your Houston home — start planning your door changes today.

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