How a Planetary Mixer Finds its Use in Every Kitchen

As the name suggests, a planetary mixer functions with its agitator moving around the stable, yet removable bowl, in the same manner how the planet orbits the sun. These mixers have been considerably versatile. It would be worth mentioning here that planetary mixers could be used for a wide variety of preparation tasks ranging from kneading lighter dough, mashing potatoes, and whipping cream. The major reason is that, unlike spiral mixers, you would be spoilt for a choice of agitators with the planetary mixers.

Usually, such mixers comprise the following –

  • Whisk – for beating egg whites, making meringues, whipping cream, and more
  • Mixing paddle – for mashing potatoes, making the batter, mixing creams, and more
  • Dough hook – for making croissants, mixing cakes, kneading bread dough, and more

How would you choose a planetary mixer?

Planetary mixers would be chosen by their bowl capacities. If you have a powerful motor, you would have a larger bowl along with it. Rest assured that choosing a planetary mixer has been the foremost choice of any busy kitchen that focuses on various applications.

Spiral mixers

A spiral mixer owes its name due to the shape of its agitator. A majority of them would come equipped with a single, but immensely strong, spiral hook. Such mixers have been specifically designed for dough. They would not be deemed suitable for other tasks. It would be pertinent to mention here that, unlike planetary mixers, the spiral hook would turn clockwise, while the bowl rotates anti-clockwise. The spiral mixers tend to have powerful motors. These come equipped with a dual rotation method, which enables them to power through the stiffest of dough mixtures. It would be vital for the production of bread-based products in different volumes.

Due to the mixing stage determining the texture of the bread, you would be required to get the consistency right. The spiral mixer would blend the bread dough firmly and gently. It enables the dough to develop without being overworked.

Countertop mixers

Almost every kitchen could use a compact countertop mixer. If you have a small kitchen, consider purchasing a good countertop model for all kinds of blending and mixing needs. For a larger kitchen, despite you using a spiral or planetary mixer, consider owning a countertop mixer as well.

Countertop mixers work on the planetary system where the bowl remains static while the chosen accessory spins. Most of the better countertop mixers have a pleasant appearance as well. They could be placed in open kitchens for serious home cooking needs without hampering the look of your kitchen.

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