Some Household Staples and How Often You Should Change Them

Having to replace things when you least expect them to need replacing is undesirable. To save you this hassle, here’s a list of the lifespan of staple household items.


These comforting blankets will continue to hold you tight for up to 25 years. Make sure you protect your bedding from stains because this can limit their lifespan.


Your mattress is your refuge after a long and tiring day. Fortunately, it’s here to stay. Your mattress is pretty reliable until its 7th to 10th year. Parting ways is not always easy, but a sagging bed is uncomfortable and unhealthy for your posture.


Fond of pillow talk? It turns out that pillows are at their best form for up to 2 years. Make the most out of it by sleeping enough.


There is no official lifetime count for this one. Badly faded color is a good sign for replacement. If and when they start to look tatty, consider changing them.

Humidifier and dehumidifier

Altering the humidity level during winter and summer is a prelude to a good night’s sleep. These appliances will keep the humidity level perfect for up to 9 years. Repair is a practical idea, but after a while, it loses its magic, and these little capable machines lose their power. Time for a new one!


Cooking meals is healthier than microwave-heated meals. Your stove will be in service for 13-15 years. Repairs might be necessary along the way. Make sure any repair work is carried out by reputable repairers. If the temperature check confirms the need for a new stove and you don’t know what to do with the old one, save yourself some worry. A junk removal Charlotte company can help you with the safe disposal of it.


Most refrigerators work nonstop, day in and day out. Your durable fridge will serve you for as long as it can. After it reaches its 5th anniversary of being in your kitchen, be extra sensitive about observing it. If you find that your fridge is no longer as cold as it used to be and repairs can only keep it cold for a short period, something needs replacing.


Your dishwasher does the dirty work for you, and its lifespan can last up to 15 years. A common repairable problem is when dishes are not getting completely cleaned. Electrical and water leaks are usually symptoms of needing a new washer.


It’s hard to imagine life without dryers. If your dryer is in its 12th year, mentally, financially, and emotionally prepare. The following breakdown may spell replacement. When the clothes do not get completely dry, repairs might work to unclog the filter.

When essential household items break down, it isn’t uncommon to feel at a loss. Make sure you take note of their shelf lives to remain on top of your game. Preparation is always key.


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