Take help of knee sleeping pillow in cases of low back pain

Low back pain is not just about everyday life, it often disturbs sleep as well.  Inadequate positions cause pain during the night or as soon as you wake up. So, it is very important to understand which are the best positions if you suffer from this disorder.

Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees

Sleeping on your stomach is usually considered the best option for a healthy back.  This position distributes the weight evenly over the entire surface of the body.  In addition, it reduces tension areas and makes for the good alignment of the structures. The setting and correcting of the position of the head and neck along with the spine are perfectly dealt with.  But sometimes lower back pain hinders this choice, so you can try placing a pillow under your knees to help relax your lower back muscles and lead to delordosis.  For the head, use a pillow that is not too thick so as not to strain the neck and back.

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees

Even though lying on your side is a common and satisfied napping posture, it can impose your backbone out of aligned path and direction.  This can strain the lower back.  However, this can be done by making an easy correction with a knee sleeping pillow placed between the knees.  This puts forward the upper portion of the leg, rebuilding the biologicalalignment of the back, pelvic area and spinal area.  For the head, consider using a rather thick pillow.  For the best support fill the space between the neck and the mattress.

Sleeping in the fetal position

For people with herniated discs, the curled up fetal position can bring relief at night.  This is because lying on the side with the knees close to the chest reduces the flexion of the spine and helps to stretch the vertebrae.

Sleep on your stomach with a pillow under your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is mistakenly considered the worst sleeping posture.  Instead, it is an excellent choice for the lumbar area, to be avoided only if it causes pain, including cervical to the rotating head. It is possible to improve back comfort by placing a thin pillow under the stomach and hips to help align the spine, but only in the presence of pain.  Better to use a flat pillow for your head or sleep without it.

Sleep on your stomach with your head straight

One reason sleeping on your stomach is sometimes considered negative is because the head usually turns to one side.  This twists the spine and places stress on the neck, shoulders, and back.  To avoid this, you can try placing your face on a small solid pillow or a well-rolled towel to support your forehead, leaving a space to breathe between your mouth and the mattress, a bit like you were on a massage table.

Sleep on your back in a reclined position

Sleeping in a reclined position can promote lower back pain, particularly in people with isthmic spondylolisthesis.  But if you are experiencing noticeable relief from laying in a reclining position, it may be very necessary and important to buy and keep money in a flexible bed that can be positioned accordingly.

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