Tree Pruning Basics, You Need to Know

Everybody loves a beautiful, well-manicured trees, but very few people have had the opportunity to educate themselves on the basics of tree pruning. Even people who have many trees on their property. Often, what happens is that trees are left to grow unchecked until some of them become a hazard. Sometimes a neighbour with a chainsaw is found, to cut the tree back down to size. But usually this means that tree might be permanently disfigured, it might be prone to disease, or it might just die. A little education can go a long way. Here are some pruning basics to get you started.

  • Why Prune: Pruning is a necessary practice that helps control tree growth and promote desirable attribute like fruit, flowers, and beautiful shapes. Pruning is also a way of managing the space available for other trees and bushes, one other reason to prune is to fight disease. Cutting away diseased portions of trees can help save a tree as well as stop the spread of disease to other trees.
  • When to prune: A rule of thumb for pruning is that you try to do it during a plant’s dormant stage. This is specific from tree to tree, so you need to do a little research. If pruning to induce more flowering, you can prune just as one bloom is ending. If pruning for fruit. It is best to wait until the fruit production is done for the season, and then also if there is a dormant period you should wait until then.
  • How to prune: Pruning trees is an art and a science. Tree looping can be dangerous as well. You might want a consultation before you begin. The more experience you get, the easier it will become, and you continue to improve as you practice. Pruning is best done with high quality, sharp tools. You want to avoid tearing and cracking the branches Try to cut just above a junction if you can, and make sure to snip the downward sprouting branches, as they usually are the ones that ruin the shape and get in your way.

Hiring an expert is never a bad idea when it comes to pruning. You can always watch how they do what they do and ask lots of questions when they work on your property. Trees live a very long time and the shape they end up in can tell a story of their life experiences. With pruning you should try to enhance the tree for beauty, rather than simply knocking it back a bit.

The tree lopping process is done by cutting off the branches that are too high or too close to power lines. services are used to reduce risks of branches falling on people, cars, and other property.

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