What Services Will My Stairlift Require?

Stairlifts do not require remodelling your home. When stairlifts first hit the market, many people found they had to remodel their home to fit a stairlift. Luckily, with new technology and designs, stairlifts are custom-made to fit your needs.

Measurements and Installation

The supplier will offer installation services. A professional will come to your home, take measurements, and help you to determine the best stairlift options. For example, if your staircase is wider than the standard measurements, you may require a custom-fit stairlift. If you have a landing in the middle of your staircase, the supplier may suggest a curved stairlift so you do not have to get off one straight stairlift and onto another in a small landing space.


Professionals offer various stairlift services in Lichfield. One of the more important services includes maintenance. Professionals suggest you have your stairlift serviced annually. They will ensure that everything is running smoothly. Maintenance services detect and prevent future more costly problems. When you purchase a stairlift, they will offer an annual service contract. This contract may also include emergency services, if your stairlift happens to break or stop working.

Emergency Services

Whether it is in the middle of the night or midday time, emergency services are crucial. When your stairlift starts making weird noises, begins to slow down, or breaks, it is detrimental to your mobility. Suppliers offer contracted emergency services to help assist you during these times. They will send a professional out to your home to diagnose and repair the issue. If your stairlift is under warranty and it is a manufacturer problem, they may replace your stairlift in full at no cost to you.

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