What the Four Seasons are Like in Wisconsin

When many people think of Wisconsin, they think of constant snow that lasts year-round: but don’t let this fool you!  Most of this state doesn’t have snow for that long, and every season has its own charm and incredible weather.

If you’re considering a move to Wisconsin and want to make sure you can handle it, this is what the four seasons look like here.

Why Wisconsin Rocks

From affordable Milwaukee houses for sale to incredible entertainment and food, there’s so much to love in Wisconsin!  There are tons of sports teams to cheer for, great artistic movements, the best comfort food you’ll ever try, and a true feeling of the community regardless of where you’re from.

Beyond that, this entire state has fought for a balance of work and play.  Although you’re expected to give your all during the work week, you’re also likely to have as much fun as possible when the weekend comes!


Spring is a great place to start because it’s often people’s greatest concern.  How late does it snow?  Generally, the last month to get snow in April.  You’re not going to get a lot of ice this month, but you should see at least one snow day regardless after this greenery comes in fast and thick.  The more snow and ice you have through the winter, the greener the grass and trees will turn from the moisture in the soil.  This is awesome and beautiful to witness.


Summer can be a rough season, even this far north.  In Wisconsin, you usually won’t see the temperatures go above 85 to 90 degrees, but the thick air can make it feel a lot warmer than it is.  This is a muggy and moisture-rich state, which means you’re going to see a lot of early morning fog and air not thinning out until midday.  Most summers are covered in gorgeous afternoon storms that roll quickly through.


Autumn is a gorgeous season in Wisconsin!  The leaves change quickly, falling before you even realize it’s happening.  The first snowfall doesn’t begin until mid to late October, so you get a full month of Fall before you have to worry about it.

This is a fantastic time of year for craft beers, socializing, and getting to know your community even better.


By the time winter comes, you’ve already had snow off and on for two months.  This season is a truly hard time when temperatures can reach as low as negative 40 degrees.  Generally, it doesn’t dip below negative 30, but if you’re moving here, it’s a good idea to get familiar with why you shouldn’t wear cotton in the cold and what you can do to keep warm.  Just one tip: wearing mittens is so much better for your hands than gloves are!

Wisconsin is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re from a southern state and want some cooler weather, or you’re from another northern area and don’t mind the snow: Wisconsin is surprisingly well-rounded.  From gorgeous spring to icy winter, there’s so much to love in this great state.

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